What’s the Benefit of Custom Projections? [video]

This week on Behind the Curtain theatre director Robert Botello talks about the benefit of projections, and how in some ways, it’s not unlike going out to a nice restaurant.

Video Length: 1:42

QUESTION: “What’s the benefit of custom projections?”

ROBERT: “If I’m doing a show, I don’t just say, ‘Oh, I just need a random teenager (character), let’s just get some clothing and that’s it.’ You’re really thinking ‘Who is this character? What would they wear?’ There’s direction about every single piece of costume that comes on the stage. You’re thinking about how every line is said. Would they say a thing because of who they are, where they’re from? All of that is thought through and what’s great about Theatre Avenue projections, the thought’s been put into it.

The same idea, I think of it like eating out. I could always go to the store and buy food and cook for myself. There are times when I do that and then there are times when I don’t. I can go out and get a meal and someone has taken the time to make food for me. And it’s wonderful. I don’t have do dishes. I don’t have to go through the legwork. There are some things that I’m willing to pay for to say, ‘Hey, I want a quality piece of artwork that will really fit in with the rest of the vision that I’m looking for.

It’s like Theatre Avenue works for me. It’s like they are set designers for me. They are on the same page as me. I can go to a costumer and say, ‘This is the feel I’m looking for, this is what I’m doing.’ And I can do the same thing with Theatre Avenue. I can say ‘This is the feel I’m looking for, I’m looking for more whimsical or I’m looking for really kind of a dark tone for this’ and it’s there, it’s done. It’s like having that person (artist) there, with me, working on the same thing. It’s very tailored, very specific.”

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