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Jarah Botello, Atlanta-based theatre director and college instructor, discusses scenic design and projections.

What Makes a Show Design Really Work? | Behind the Curtain

This week on Behind the Curtain, we talk to Atlanta-based theatre director and college instructor Jarah Botello. Jarah discusses her perspective on a show’s scenic design and what the important elements are to making it successful and stand out. Video Length: 1:54 (1 minute, 54 seconds) QUESTION: “What Makes a Show Design Really Work?” JARAH: “I tend to be […]

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Projection designer Mitch Stark creating a digital scenic backdrop for theatre.

Making Digital Theatre Projections [video]

A little peek behind the scenes at Theatre Avenue, where we design and animate projections for theatre and ballet shows. This video will give you a taste of what it’s like here: warm, fun, and down to earth. But we are also a team committed to doing incredible work for incredible makers of theatre—drama teachers, […]

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Projection designer Mitch Stark and tech director Paul Ackerman discuss digital theatre projections, and if front or rear projection is more favored.

Projection Pro Tip #2: Lean Toward Front or Rear Projection?

This is part 2 of an interview with pro technical director Paul Ackerman. This interview will provide a series of tips for using theatrical projections—in a simple question and answer, ‘how do you go about it’ type format. Mitch: Taking into consideration that every space is different and provides unique challenges, would you steer a […]

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How Can Projections Help with Scene Transitions? [video]

This week on Behind the Curtain, theatre director and teacher Robert Botello discusses how projections can create smooth, effortless scenic changes in a show. He talks about how society has evolved in its expectations for entertainment and how the stories of certain theatrical shows lend themselves to faster transitions from scene to scene. Video Length: 2:31 […]

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Role of Theatre Projections in a Show? [video]

This week on Behind the Curtain I talk about the role that theatre projections play in a show—keying in on their relationship with the actors on stage and the balance to find the right harmony in telling a good story. Video Length: 1:14 (1 minute, 14 seconds) QUESTION: “What Role Do Theatre Projections Play in a Show?” […]

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Impact of Projections in Charlotte’s Web [video]

This week on Behind the Curtain I talk about the impact of projections on a theatre production of ‘Charlotte’s Web.’ Video Length: 1:33 QUESTION: “Can you speak to the impact of theatre projections in a show you’ve worked on?” MITCH: “One show that I saw that we used scenic projections for was ‘Charlotte’s Web.’ In ‘Charlotte’s Web’ there […]

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New YouTube Series: Behind the Curtain!

We’re starting a YouTube series called ‘Behind the Curtain!’ We plan to do one short question and answer each week—revolving around scenic projections and creating magical, affordable design for theatre. Will be a great opportunity to share our chops and passion for the craft and also feature drama teachers, community theatre directors, artists and enthusiasts. Hope you […]

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Projections for ‘Annie the Musical’

Here are a collection of projections we’ve designed that work especially well for various versions of ‘Annie’ on stage including ‘Annie the Musical’, ‘Annie Jr.’ and ‘Annie KIDS’. If you have any questions or we can help in any way to make these projections work in your space, contact us here! View “City Orphanage” Projection ($49) […]

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