Impact of Projections in Charlotte’s Web [video]

This week on Behind the Curtain I talk about the impact of projections on a theatre production of ‘Charlotte’s Web.’

Video Length: 1:33

QUESTION: “Can you speak to the impact of theatre projections in a show you’ve worked on?”

MITCH: “One show that I saw that we used scenic projections for was ‘Charlotte’s Web.’ In ‘Charlotte’s Web’ there are a lot of different locations, obviously there’s also the web that Charlotte weaves. And the different words in the web that have to appear. What was really beautiful is with each scene, the way that this particular theatre group decided to do it was that they would start out each scene with black and the first thing that would come on would be the projection. That was an amazing moment because the audience would just gasp as the projection would come up and it would set the scene like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

In that particular show the actress that was playing Charlotte, she had to sing songs while she was weaving the words in the web, and so she actually had the opportunity to interact with the screen. For example, when she was weaving ‘Some Pig’ she’d be singing the song but then she’s actually be weaving on the web and you’d see the word appear. And that was really magical for the audience. You could really see them react to that. You could see them more immersed in the story and really feeling ‘Charlotte’s Web’ come to life for them so much more because of what the scenic projection was doing—and because of the way the actress wasn’t just standing by a piece of scenery but really interacting with that piece of scenery.”

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