Getting Started with Projections


Explore our library of theatre projections and choose the digital scenes you need. Add those scenes to your cart, checkout, and we’ll email you the high resolution files within 24 hours of purchase.




Whether you’re just getting started or premiering on Broadway, you’ll only ever need 4 things to make projections work: a laptop with Powerpoint or Keynote (QLab if you’re getting fancy), a bright projector, a screen or cyc, and the digital theatre projections. Connect them up and you’re ready to go!



Give yourself plenty of time to test your theatre projection setup during tech week and you’ll be amazed how they light up the stage! Audiences literally gasp as scenes change and your actors will be transported into the world of your show!



Still have questions or curious how to make this work in your unique space or setup? Just send us a note and we’ll answer any questions you have!