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What We’re Working On Right Now

Hi I’m Mitch, Founder and Projection Designer here at Theatre Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia. Here are a few things we’ve got cooking in the studio this summer 2017: • We’re working on a Wizard of Oz custom design project for StageWorks Theatre in Houston, Texas. • We are developing still and animated projection collections great for […]

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Making Digital Theatre Projections [video]

A little peek behind the scenes at Theatre Avenue, where we design and animate projections for theatre and ballet shows. This video will give you a taste of what it’s like here: warm, fun, and down to earth. But we also a team committed to doing incredible work for incredible makers of theatre—drama teachers, community […]

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What Do Digital Theatre Projections Bring to a Show? [video]

This week on Behind the Curtain, we talk to experienced technical director Josh Hornung about using projections in theatrical shows. He speaks to the impact they can have on a production and how it bleeds over into the area of tech, where it’s refreshing to participate in a part that’s inspiring and has a direct impact on the […]

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What Do You Love Most About Projections? [video]

This week on Behind the Curtain, we talk to theatre director Amanda Farnsworth about her love for projections. She expresses joy about the old days of unrolling traditionally painted backdrops and how digital projections have allowed her to embrace the idea by making it affordable for the theatre companies she works with. Amanda’s passion for the magic […]

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How Can Projections Help with Scene Transitions? [video]

This week on Behind the Curtain, theatre director and teacher Robert Botello discusses how projections can create smooth, effortless scenic changes in a show. He talks about how society has evolved in its expectations for entertainment and how the stories of certain theatrical shows lend themselves to faster transitions from scene to scene. Video Length: 2:31 […]

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Role of Theatre Projections in a Show? [video]

This week on Behind the Curtain I talk about the role that theatre projections play in a show—keying in on their relationship with the actors on stage and the balance to find the right harmony in telling a good story. Video Length: 1:14 (1 minute, 14 seconds) QUESTION: “What Role Do Theatre Projections Play in a Show?” […]

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Favorite Theatre Show You’ve Directed? [video]

This week on Behind the Curtain we ask artistic director Amanda Farnsworth what has been her favorite theatre show she’s directed over the years. Video Length: 2:31 (2 minutes, 31 seconds) QUESTION: “What’s Been Your Favorite Theatre Show to Direct?” AMANDA: “I love Seussical the Musical. I’ve directed that a lot (chuckles). It seems to come up a lot. It’s […]

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