5 Awesome Videos to Jumpstart Your Creativity Today!

If you’re like me, it’s a bright point in the day to sit down with a cup of coffee in the early hours, be it 6am or 9am, and jumpstart my creativity with a few inspirational videos. Here are 5 guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing today!

Video One
“Do What You Can’t”
Casey Neistat on YouTube

This one is by now a classic among vloggers and vlog watchers, but it’ll get you everytime. Nothing like its raw energy and editorial power to make you want to ‘stick it to the man’ creatively today. If you’re not among the millions worldwide already subscribed to Casey, do yourself a favor today.

Video 2
“Creative Spark with Brenda Chapman”
Academy Originals on YouTube

Brenda Chapman is an incredible force in the world of animation and storytelling. She spent her early years at Disney, went on to guide stories at DreamWorks and then wrote and co-directed ‘Brave’ for Pixar. This feature is a great window into her creative life at home, and how many of her rooms become creative fuel as new stories are born.

Video 3
Friendship: Savannah Ballet’s Wizard of Oz
Theatre Avenue on YouTube

Beautiful and heartwarming, this video features the Savannah Ballet Theatre as they perform their spring production of ‘Wizard of Oz.’ A partnership between Brave Voices Media and Theatre Avenue, this video goes deeper than the typical ballet featurette and dives into the theme of friendship, and how it landmarks this production on and off the stage.

Video 4
Oculus Go – Open Your Eyes
The Mercandantes on Vimeo

Daniel and Katina Mercandante are a powerful video partnership. Their videos capture a real, down-to-earth, ‘how on earth were they in the right spot to get that moment’ feel. This video is inspiring to watch in its own right, but do check out their entire catalog. It’s remarkable.

Video 5
How Animator’s Created the Spider-Verse
Wired on YouTube

This movie is spellbinding in its animation inventiveness, and this video is just as fascinating to watch as it dips into some of the creative techniques used to achieve its explosive visual look.